Ryan’s Students

Here’s what Ryan’s students have to say…

Ryan Quinn is a master at spotting problems with a swing, and giving golfers easy-to-understand solutions. After a lifetime of developing bad golf habits, Ryan has really helped me bring my game around. And he does it in his funny, easy-going fashion. His lessons are fun, and they work. He brought my game from frustrating to fun. A great coach!
Darren Kramer, Madison CT



Ryan Quinn’s style of teaching and understanding of the game of golf makes him the perfect golf pro. I had been away from the game of golf on a regular basis for nearly eight years, being a dad and coaching every sport. Upon coming back to the game, I did not realize all the fundamentals I had forgotten and how difficult the game can be. Ryan not only got my game back on track again helping me with my golf fundamentals, but also added a new level of course management that I did not have before. I am currently a 12 handicap and on my way back to becoming an 8 or 9 handicapper and have never enjoyed the game more.
David Mase, Trumbull CT


Ryan was able to assess my swing through video analysis. He immediately provided feedback that was easy to absorb and comprehend. Two simple elements of the golf swing, posture and plane, were flawed in my setup and swing. Ryan helped me by giving me two key pieces of information. He didn’t overwhelm me with analysis. He understands that the golf swing is complex, but teaching it has to be simple. Since Ryan did analysis on my swing, I’ve been able to take his instruction to the course and am swinging with more confidence. I trust the intruction I was given, and am now in a much better posture and taking the club away and through on a more sensible plane. Thank you for your analysis and generosity, Ryan.
Mike Franzago, 6 handicap, 2000 Tashua Knolls Golf Champion


I have been taking lessons from Ryan for several years. My handicap is definitely lower but more importantly I play the game with increased confidence and a belief that I can make the shot I need to make when I need to make it. Learning golf, or in my case relearning golf, is a process. It takes a patient instructor, which Ryan is, and it takes an instructor that lets you learn at your own pace. I have never felt rushed by Ryan and he has always focused on getting one thing right before moving on to the next. The two areas that Ryan has been most helpful to me are driving — I’ve gone from being short and right to much longer with a gentle fade — and chipping — I went from feeling like I had hands of stone to being totally confident that I can get the ball close to the hole. Beyond that Ryan is a joy to work with. He’s relaxed, makes learning fun and he is always giving positive reinforcement. I recommend Ryan highly.
Rob Moorman, Fairfield CT


Ryan Quinn has helped me tremendously over the years in lowering my handicap. Ryan has the unique ability to be able help and teach golfers at all skill levels, beginner, intermediate and single digit handicappers. He is patient, courteous and an excellent listener. He has always come up with a solution with a swing problem and is able to convey it in a way comfortable to all levels. If one swing thought doesn’t feel right to the golfer, he has an arsenal of alternative approaches that will help and make sense. His open minded, easy going manner makes him approachable to anybody and everybody. I have often and will continue to do so, highly recommend Ryan to people who are looking for a swing doctor or just starting to take up the sport. He is the quintessential pro who represents the sport well and truly cares about his students as they undertake and continue the sport.
Tom Hylan, Trumbull CT